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Favorite Recipes
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Sharing your favorite recipes with friends and family.
This community was originally started to give my family a little variety in our usual monthly menu, but I have hopes that everyone might benefit from the recipes friends, family, and strangers might have to offer. Please feel free to post your own recipes here, but please take the time to read the guidelines below before posting.

1. Be respectful. Everybody says it but it's worth repeating - please be respectful of others. Rude, disrespectful, or completely off-topic posts and/or comments will be removed by the community admin. Persons who violate this rule more than one (1) time will be banned from posting and commenting in this community.

Note: being respectful includes not using inappropriate icons for your posts. Please do not use icons which use gratuitous nudity, pornography, profanity, or which include materials that refer positively to activities which are illegal. Posts which contain inappropriate icons such as referred to in this will be deleted within a reasonable timeframe, in case the icon was used inadvertently. In addition, please avoid using icons which have religious or political content which you suspect will probably be offensive to others.

Come on, folks, don't be stupid about this, it's not that difficult. You can post elsewhere with those icons all you want, just not here.

2. Measurements. The majority of the people who post recipes here are from North America and therefore use English measurements (cups and teaspoons, instead of litres or grams), but don't let this prevent you from posting! Click Here for a nicely done conversion chart. It converts English to Metric and vice versa, so it can be used to convert a posted recipe, or to convert one that you're about to post.

Please note that we're not asking you to not post recipes in metric! We want 'em all. :)

3. Posting... using cut tags... please put posts and recipes behind cut tags if they are 1) exceptionally long, 2) have accompanying photos [at least put the photos behind the tags], or 3) oversized font sizes are used. Otherwise, please be aware that this community is for discussion of cooking and for posting recipes, and the majority of those recipes are not required to be behind cut tags.

Please DO NOT turn off comments on any post. That defeats the purpose of this community, which is discussion and exchange.

Also, if you have time to think about it, we prefer that your posts have titles. If you're posting a recipe, it's even better if you use the recipe name as your title. It makes it much easier for people to keep track of your posts in the community. :)

4. Posting links to outside sites... yes, we're interested in other sites, for sure! So if you've found an interesting recipe and/or site, go ahead and post the link. However, if you have a regular cooking journal or blog outside of LJ, please do not simply post info and pics of the recipe/dish and just a link to it. Please post all the information - recipe and pics - inside a post in this community. Use appropriate lj-cut tags to avoid making them too long. This community is here to share those recipes and pics, and we'd like to archive them here, too. Posting outside links only does not preserve that information. Yes, we know it's more work for you, but we ask that you take the time to contribute to the community in this way. Thanks!

5. Please post your recipes and photos with attributions. That's part of being respectful. If it's not your recipe, say whose it is. If it's someone else's recipe with alterations, best to say so.

About copyright: the ingredients and titles of recipes aren't copyrightable. What *is* protected by copyright is the wording in the recipes. And you shouldn't put a big-name thing (person/restaurant/etc) in the title, or they could... um, get mad and start raising a ruckus. So if you have a recipe you like and you want to consider it yours: best to give it a new title and re-write the directions. Safest that way.

Of special note in the memories is that, yes, we've seen the infamous Neiman-Marcus Cookie urban myth and recipe. It's not a true story. You can see just one of the times it's been posted here. Really, please don't post it again. That goes for the Waldorf-Astoria's Red Velvet Cake recipe and urban legend, too.

7. NO SPAM. Please, people. You know what spam is. Don't do it. Period. No advertisements. (If you have something you're excited about, tell us about it - but if you're gonna make profit off it... please, really you know better. Please and Thank You.)

Enjoy the community! From beginners who have just set foot in a kitchen for the first time, to accomplished cooks and chefs, all are welcome here! And "...have fun, play with your food." :)